eighth note

guess who?!

welcome to my awesome site!!!!   i change my theme and polls and music every week so make sure u check it out :)  



this isn't me, but i CAN PLAY THIS SONG!!!!! 

a little about me


hey im linz and this is my ONE and ONLY site.

i play the piano, and bells, and LOVE to sing for fun. I ice skate about 3 to 4 times a week and take classes. I practically live at the ice park.

my fav fav favs are squirrels, fun nights, dancing, ice skating, singing, listening and playing music, SNOOPY, LUCY, LINUS, spongebob, volleyball, computer, and going on my site.

i have been dancing since i was three, taking lessons and dancing around the house, store, school, wherever. jazz, broadway, ballet, and hip hop.

my birthday is November 8th, AND MY favorite number is 8.


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